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Another common type of arthritis is the arthritis in knee. There are many treatment options you can opt for. If dealing with arthritis in fingers, there are several ways on how you can manage the condition and alleviate the symptoms. Know what causes arthritis and the treatment options available to stop them. For knee pain conditions, knee pain diagnosis is the first step in order to find the right treatment for it. Understand how it's being done. If you're experiencing knee pain when bending, there are remedies that you can do to stop the pain.

Alternative Medical Treatments in Treating Back Pain


Despite the common belief that arthritis affects just adults, the statistics says otherwise. Osteoarthritis is the most common kind of arthritis whichever age you are. Over 15 percent of adults in America suffer spondylosis or, osteoarthritis of spine. This kind of arthritis is most common with persons over the age of 45 but the cases affecting younger people are also known. The reason why women experience more pain in the back than men is still not clear enough or revealed.

How to treat arthritis of the back?

Alternative Medical Treatments

When back pain becomes makes a jump from acute to a chronic pain (usually after six weeks) some people give it a try with complementary or alternative treatments. We will expose some of the most common alternative medical treatments.

manipulation – performed with hands or massage the part of the spine where you feel the pain
TENS, or Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. It includes sending electrical pulses to nerves to the painful area.

Acupuncture is considered highly beneficial for this kind of problem. This Chinese practice includes putting needles in certain points to help facilitate the pain. It is considered even more effective when used along with comprehensive treatment plan.

Acupressure – consists in putting pressure on the certain spots of the hurting area. The fact is, however, that acupressure has not yet become a proven method of helping with back pain.
If you, however, are not prone to trying out alternative medical treatments you should consult your doctor for there is a wide range of medication that can help facilitate and relieve your pain, making you feel better and, whatsoever, safer. Back pain is not considered an easy-to-handle situation but with adequate help you’ll be just fine!


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