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Another common type of arthritis is the arthritis in knee. There are many treatment options you can opt for. If dealing with arthritis in fingers, there are several ways on how you can manage the condition and alleviate the symptoms. Know what causes arthritis and the treatment options available to stop them. For knee pain conditions, knee pain diagnosis is the first step in order to find the right treatment for it. Understand how it's being done. If you're experiencing knee pain when bending, there are remedies that you can do to stop the pain.

Arthritis in Back Relief

Arthritis in Back Relief

Various physical therapies can provide relief against arthritis in back. You may try doing tai chi and yoga exercises to relieve your condition. Finding an arthritis back relief is actually very easy, as there are various alternative treatments available for you including the following:


  • Heat Therapy: opting for a warm shower batch can provide relief for the symptoms of arthritis in back. A hot tub or a bathtub with water jets can also provide relief against the pain due to arthritis. You may also opt for heating pads or heat lamps for the pain. Some individuals afflicted with back arthritis also find relief by wrapping themselves with a cloth that is soaked in warm water or by opting for warm baths. You can go for warm or heat therapy upon waking up in the morning, as this is the time when pain and stiffness is worse.
  • Heat Frequency: this makes use of radiofrequency ablation, a method that uses heat energy that can stun or destroy the nerves in the painful joints. This type of treatment can provide great relief to individuals who are suffering from severe pain due to arthritis. Heat energy is often applied for 1 to 2 minutes until it destroys the nerve tissues, which causes the pain.
  • Cold Therapy: this is also helpful in relieving back pain. Cold can numb the afflicted nerve, thus helping the individual psychologically by getting his/her mind off the pain. Cold packs are usually available in your local store or you can prepare your own by simply wrapping ice or frozen fruits or vegetables in a towel. Place it on the affected area while lying on your stomach or place the pack between you and a chair then lean on it. The towel serves as protection so that the ice will not touch your skin directly. However, make sure that you do not use this for more than 20 minutes.
  • Exercise: physical activities can help build your muscles in the back and reduce the flare-ups. Nevertheless, the severity of the pain will be the determining factor as to when you can start on an exercise program. A professional physical therapist can also help you decide whether you are ready for an exercise program or not. for your condition, vigorous exercises are considered excessive but you can opt for mild exercises like tai chi
  • Medication: there are certain medications that are also helpful against arthritis in back, especially when combined with any of the treatments or therapies mentioned above. However, make sure that you avoid consuming pain medications for a long period as these have undesirable side effects that may not be good for your heath.

Your physician can give you recommendations as to which of these treatments would be most suitable for your condition so make sure to ask for your physician’s help in choosing an alternative treatment for your arthritis condition.


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